Staff-led Gallery Tours

Staff-led Gallery Tours

Interested in going deeper on a particular theme within the museum, book one of our dynamic staff-led tours for a surprising and fun experience.

Pathways to Appreciation

Led by the Royal BC Museum's Indigenous Cultural Liaison, Leslie McGarry, this program is designed to provide a tour of the museum’s First Peoples Gallery, from a First Nations perspective. Participants are welcome and encouraged to ask questions while viewing the gallery through a different lens. The program can also be adapted to compliment/enhance Social Issues, Treaties, Residential Schools and/or Calls to Action for Truth & Reconciliation.

This tour is 2 hours long and has a maximum group size of 30 people

Home Is Where The Heart Is: Understanding Immigrant Experiences in British Columbia’s History

This tour will explore histories of immigrant communities in British Columbia and their immense contributions to the development of the province and Canada at large. Uncover the complicated narratives of settlement, intercultural communication and historical wrongdoings that are (or are not) on represented in the museum’s galleries.

This tour is one hour long and has a maximum group size of 20 people

We're All in This Together: Biodiversity of BC in a Changing World

BC is home to an incredible abundance of plants and animals, but why do we have a wider variety her than in other parts of Canda or the world? During this tour we will explore the reasons why BC has such exceptional biodiversity and how our quickly changing planet will continue to impact that diversity. Embracing both scientific and cultural perspectives, we will examine the myriad ways biodiversity is important to us as humans and how changes to global biodiversity will resonate in our everyday lives.

This tour is 1 hour long and has a maximum group size of 20 people

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To book a staff-led gallery tour or a staff-led collection tour, contact the Group Sales Coordinator a minimum of two weeks in advance:

Phone: 250-387-4007
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