EAGLE Program

What is it?

EAGLE is an acronym standing for Education and Appreciation Garnered through Listening and Exploring. This cultural awareness program features a series of interpretive tours of the Royal BC Museum’s First Peoples gallery from a First Nations perspective.

The program is presented by Leslie McGarry from the Kwakwa̱ka̱’wakw – Kwagiulth First Nation. It focuses on the pre- and post-contact histories represented in the gallery and highlights the cultural diversity of First Peoples in BC.

The program has been developed to address the new prescribed learning outcomes of the BC school curriculum for kindergarten to grade twelve students. The EAGLE program also supports the directives associated with the enhancement agreements, signed by the Greater Victoria School District and the Ministry of Education.

Program outline

The program is designed to be adaptable and age-appropriate. Example topics include:

Kindergarten – Grade 3: Cultural significance of animals and the seasons

Grades 4–5: Pre- and post-contact history according to First Nations

Middle school and high school: Governance and self-government; treaty and social issues

Pre-Contact History:

  • Differences between Coastal Nations and Interior Nations of BC:
    • Leadership
    • Housing
    • Clothing
    • Food
    • Culture
  • Common Ground between First Nations Peoples:
    • The four components of a healthy person
    • Governance by the seasons
    • Direction from the environment and animal behaviour
    • Communication
    • Environmental interconnectedness with the earth and animals

Post-Contact History:

  • Impact of trade
  • Alcohol and disease
  • The Indian Act
  • The Potlatch Ban
  • Residential schools
  • The '60s Scoop
  • Current circumstances

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Who is the program for?

Grades K – 12.

When is the program offered?

September to June.

What is the cost?

$99 for a class. The program takes two hours. 

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