The Pocket Gallery

The Pocket Gallery is an intimate display space in Clifford Carl Hall, on the main floor of the Royal BC Museum.

The gallery showcases the little-seen behind-the-scenes work of the Royal BC Museum.

Featured displays are great opportunities for visitors to see how individual staff members explore innovative, provocative and sometimes revelatory ideas, drawing on collections, research, partnerships and programmes that you might otherwise know very little about.

Pocket Gallery displays change regularly, as Royal BC Museum professionals continually pitch fresh ideas and focus on new projects. Access to the Pocket Gallery is free to all visitors.

The Pocket Gallery is supported by Helijet.

Currently Featured in the Pocket Gallery

Pressing Matters: Stories from Flattened Plants

Open November 25, 2016

This Pocket Gallery display explores the herbarium, the plant collection at the Royal British Columbia Museum. The herbarium includes dried specimens from all over British Columbia, including invasive species.

The specimens were collected between 1885 and 2016. What does 131 years of plant collecting tell us about environmental change in British Columbia?

Follow Curator of Botany Dr. Ken Marr on a tour through the herbarium to find out. You’ll meet a poisonous plant, a rare plant and some plants that should have stayed home.

You’ll learn what motivates curators like Ken and just how far he and other staff members travel to collect specimens. And you’ll discover what happens when he returns to the Museum from fieldwork with fresh samples in tow.

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