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Bring the Pleistocene to your touchscreen.

Thousands of years ago mammoths roamed Southern Vancouver Island. Now visitors to the Royal BC Museum can experience an animated slice of Pleistocene life, including the illusion of mammoths in motion. Download the app and visit the museum to see Woolly’s friends come to life with our new augmented reality app.

The creation of this augmented reality app was made possible through the John and Joan Walton Innovators Fund and the in-kind support of NGX Interactive.

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The Curious online journal is in a format known by tech-types as a ‘magazine still content aggregator.’ But it’s not all about the tech side. The quality content and images appearing in each issue include a revival of material produced earlier, but delivered differently, as well as brand-new articles, essays, commentary, demonstrations and imagery by specialists in the field. Each issue has a different guest editor, with a managing editor to troubleshoot if needed. The magazine can browsed at on desktop or mobile. 

Aliens Among Us

Aliens aren’t just big green monsters from outer space; they are also plants, animals or microorganisms that live around you – perhaps in your community, your neighbourhood or maybe even your backyard. The Aliens Among Us app allows you to explore these aliens with information and images on the history, location and impact of some of British Columbia’s most notorious alien species including American Bullfrogs, European Starlings, Smallmouth Bass, Asian Mussels, Eastern Gray Squirrels, Giant Hogweed and Purple Loosestrife.

You can also become an alien spotter and track species using the GPS map function or upload your own alien sighting with images. So when you’re out and about in British Columbia’s backyard, take the Aliens Among Us app with you. You’ll be helping track aliens!

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