Guided & Self Guided Tours

Volunteer-led Gallery Tours

Join friendly and knowledgeable volunteers as they focus on particularly interesting places within the galleries and share untold stories. Tours are included with adult admission or membership. Average tour time is one hour.

  • Natural History Gallery Tour
  • Modern History Gallery Tour

Tour types and times are posted in the museum lobby each morning, or check our calendar before you arrive. Buy your all-day museum ticket online or in person and meet the volunteer guides at the lobby’s tour sign. Tours take place within the Royal BC Museum core galleries.

Staff-Led Gallery Tours

Interested in going deeper on a particular theme within the museum, book one of our dynamic staff-led tours for a surprising and fun experience. 

Home Is Where The Heart Is: Understanding Immigrant Experiences in British Columbia’s History, with Amina Chergui

This tour will explore histories of immigrant communities in British Columbia and their immense contributions to the development of the province and Canada at large. Uncover the complicated narratives of settlement, intercultural communication and historical wrongdoings that are (or are not) on represented in the museum’s galleries.

Infinite Identities: Unravelling Gender, with Lindsay Cavanaugh

What is gender, anyway? How is it reflected in our ongoing understanding of history, place and belonging? What does gender really mean, and how do we define it? Why do we associate certain traits with certain genders? What does that mean for cisgender, transgender, gender-neutral and genderqueer people? This tour considers these questions while searching the Becoming BC gallery for community representation and discussing what meaningful inclusion looks like in a museum context. 

Learning from Legends, with Hannah Morales

Storytelling is the mechanism of history, especially in Indigenous cultures. Join us on this tour to listen to oral histories and legends of the First Peoples of British Columbia. Come hear stories of Thunderbird, Raven and other supernatural beings as you explore the First Peoples gallery and the Our Living Languages exhibition.

LiteraTour, with Sophie Crocker

The landscapes and events represented at the Royal BC Museum are a powerful influence on Canadian literature. Natural and human history pass from past to page thanks to authors such as Emily Carr, who worked in verse as well as watercolour, and Alice Munro, with her haunting Canadian wildernesses. See the Royal BC Museum through the eyes of a writer and you will find stories wherever you look.


Behind the Scenes Tours

Get behind the scenes and tour our collections. Yep, that’s right. Grab your backstage pass: we’re going to actually take you into the Royal BC Museum collections. See for yourself where we keep those jars, boxes and bins, and experience the working environment of our talented researchers and staff.

Three different Behind the Scenes Tours explore:

  • Butterflies and More: Entomology Collection
  • Mammal Matters: Vertebrates Collection
  • BC Archives

Each Behind The Scenes Tour lasts 30 minutes and is limited to 10 people. You can sign up in person an hour ahead of each tour, on a first‐come first‐served basis (cost is included with admission). Throughout the winter months, they are on the third Wednesday and the second and last Saturday of each month.

Book Now

To book a collection tour, contact the Group Sales Coordinator a minimum of two weeks in advance:

Phone: 250-387-4007
Fax: 250-387-0102

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