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Located in the lobby of the BC Archives at the Royal BC Museum, this secure and UV protected case enhances the public access to authentic, original records which help tell British Columbia’s story. Displays have included some of the world’s most unique and historically significant items from the provincial collection, including the Fort Victoria Treaties (MS-0772).

On Display Now

Newfoundland’s Ceremonial Mace

I say to you that we are proud to have Newfoundland as the eastern rampart of Canada, even as British Columbia prides herself in being the nation’s bulwark in the west – Hon. Herbert Anscomb to Newfoundland’s House of Assembly.

On April 5, 1950, British Columbia Minister of Finance Herbert Anscomb presented the Newfoundland House of Assembly with a ceremonial mace in commemoration of Newfoundland’s entrance into Confederation in 1949.

Made of sterling silver and gold plate from metals mined in BC, the mace was designed and fashioned by BC craftsmen. The four panels around the side of the bowl bear the coats of arms of Canada, Newfoundland, British Columbia and George VI. The golden ropes dividing the panels symbolize the shipping industries of the two provinces, and the dolphins supporting the bowl represent their fishing industries. On the bottom is BC’s emblem of a Thunderbird holding a whale in its talons.

The mace, borne on the shoulders of the sergeant-at-arms as the Speaker enters the House, is still used today.